Cham island 1 day trip

Cham island 1 day trip
Cham island 1 day trip

Cham island is a large island consists of several small islands distance 25 nautical miles off the coast from Hoi An.

>>Half-day Tour Hoi An

About Cham island

At the summer, if guests reaches for the island by normal boat, it take 2 and half hour, but only 30 minutes by speed boat. Cham island has total 7 islands including Hon Lao, Hon La, Hon Kho me, Hon Kho… at the area of 16 sq.meter, where by the largest island is Lao. Lao island is circle shape at the high of 500m, the forest here is natural, alots of woods and rare animals. There are nicebeaches at Bim and Ong beach. The island is a place where shelter for value swallow birds.

Cham island 1 day trip
Cham island 1 day trip

Around the island has alots of color corals under the water, about 3.000 residents living focucing at Lang and Huong baeches as fishing and agriculture. A small part of people living village works at service and handicraft.


The tour takes half day to Lang beach for seeing some interest places as such Au Thuyen – a shelter for boats at bad weather, an over 100 years Tay Tang pagoda remarks the Puddhism came here for long time ago, Ong temple – a place worships a big fish burried here.

Cham island 1 day trip
Cham island 1 day trip

08.00 am : Pick you up at hotel to Cua Dai harbour

09.00 am : Relax & ẹnjoy the beautiful landscape on the Speed boat to Cham island

09.25 am : Visit Bai Lang, Au Thuyen, Tay Tang pagoda, Traditional fishing village

10.10 am : Transfer to Bai Xep for snorkeling. Enjoy fresh fruit and cold water

11.10 am : Go to Bai Chong to relax, swimming, sunbath and enjoy fresh seafood

14.00 pm : Packing luggage and coming back Hoi An

14.25 pm : Back to hotel – The end of tour.


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